Choosing retail display furniture for your next event or retail space just got easier.

With 30 different freestanding floorplans you can find the perfect layout for your brand and products in just a few clicks.

By selecting one of the 30 packages, you’ll save 20% on the hire cost and receive further savings on our event delivery service.

Products within each floorplan are unable to be swapped for other items.

You can of course still select items individually and create your own layout but now also have the option to add an entire floorplan, or two. Visit the hire category to browse more than 80 unit designs.

The freestanding floorplan packages are designed for either a 2x2m or 3x3m layout. Check the description for each size. 

Each floorplan demonstrates just one configuration option but don’t feel restricted to using them in this exact way. Once they are at your event you can place them in whichever configuration you prefer.

The 30 Floorplan packages have been curated with almost every retail category in mind, from apparel through to giftware.

Which one is your favourite?

PS Floorplan packages for purchase will be released later in 2023.


Freestanding Floorplan Packages for Hire

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