Choosing the Right Classic Retail Units

The retail display units you incorporate into your visual merchandising can influence purchasing decisions and brand consideration, from the moment a customer sets eyes upon the window display. By understanding the different display units available and selecting the ones that work best for your business, you are effectively using them as a tool to drive customers and attract sales.

Floor Displays

Often freestanding and strategically placed to allow maximum visibility and feature selected products.

Gondola Shelving Unit – the classic two-sided unit with a base provides opportunities for viewing from multiple angles. Using ply, market stall co created a Gondola Double Sided Pegboard, giving you the choice to make it a shelving display or to use it to hang products. Consider rows of these units down your store to create double sided isles that save space opposed to back to back shelving units.

The Dump Bin – you can fill this with small, individually packed items, such as lollies or small toys, and strategically place them to provoke impulse purchasing, like by your checkout counter. This is a display that can be seen from all angles. Upgrade this classic store front unit to a warm ply to improve your aesthetic with the market stall co Adjustable Retail Dump Bin. The ply unit is better than the metal wired units available on the market, as you have the option to add decal to the unit for product promotion.

adjustable retail dump bin

Clothing Racks – think freestanding options, rather than wall mounted. This is an obvious must have for apparel brands, but it is important to choose the right piece to create a cohesive store and leave a lasting impression. If you want the classic boxy look, the market stall co "Clothing Rack" looks great against a wall or standing in the centre of the room. We also have a multitude of other clothing rack options available.

Window Displays

This sets the tone for your brand and is your chance to attract passersby by creating an engaging display. 

Plinths –  they come in different colours, textures and shapes. The perfect way to take a classic display piece and make simple customisations to make a unique window display. It is a flexible unit in the sense that it can be used for multiple product types and does a great job at spotlighting products in the window.

Mannequins - you are bound to find some form of a mannequin in all apparel stores. They are a key way of capturing the product in a true to life situation. Investing in mannequins can improve sales by up to 30% and to utilise the maximum of this, you need quality designed mannequins that are made to fit your brand. This mannequin and plinth stand is from a Stadivarius window display in Budapest.

Tabletop Displays

Perfect to incorporate as a visual merchandising tool by creating focal points and multi-height displays.

Risers - if you need to elevate your product in order to either create a tiered display or just to utilise space, then risers are the best tabletop solution. They are a simple way to create height variation in a market stand / expo when taking advantage of the space provided and improving visability of the product to passersby.

tabletop riser

Jewellery Stands - whilst they may not be a staple in every store, they are essential to many and the essence of their display. Most people opt to display jewellery using jewellery cards and there are many different options available for displaying these. Display trays with grooves to slot the cards in are the most popular way and these can come in many shapes and colours. Another popular way is with a small holed pegboard to hang the cards from. Market Stall Co do 6mm peg holes which are the perfect size for such products.

tiered circle display

Card Stand - this is an easy yet effective way of displaying product by your point of sale. Great for those smaller purchases that people are more likely to make when they already have the intention to buy. If you're not already a stockist of cards, or another small product like stickers or memo cards, consider that shoppers are more likely to make impulse purchases at the checkout. The card stand doesn't take up much space but can make all the difference to customer experience.

Aside from mannequins, Market Stall Co provide all of the above display units in timber materials for a modern, warm feeling in your store. 

What You Should Consider

  • The characteristics of your product should be taken into account when choosing your pieces, as for example, you may want to ensure fragile items are secured in a certain way, or that smaller items are shelved at eye level for better viewing.
  • What are the key products you want to highlight? Are they small and individual so they can be put in a dump bin near the entrance of your store. Or is it a large accessory that you want to champion in the window and therefore requires some kind of plinth display.
  • You want the pieces in your store to be cohesive. This can be achieved through purchasing your items from the same supplier but also ensuring the materials and style are on brand.
  • Having the ability to rotate your product is important and so you must ensure that you have a few flexible units i.e. a pegboard that allows you to adjust the shelves for different sized products.
cleve newsagency pegboard with cabinet
pop up for cleanse and co in southland


  • Don’t be afraid to refresh and rearrange – it is important to make adjusting your floorplan a part of your business strategy as it is a key part in boosting traffic to the store.
  • Create a journey – a clear laid out shopping environment has key differences between products to make easier purchasing decisions.


  • Avoid overcrowding – achieve balance by limiting display pieces to what is necessary and arrange them in a way that makes sense to the customer, and ensure everything is accessible.

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